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My grill didn’t light. What happened?

Possible causes (you may see a FAL (“FAiL” abbreviation) message: Too much ash in the firebox. Wait until it cools...

What’s the difference between Point-to-Point, WiFi, and Server Modes?

Point-to-Point:This is where the grill emits its own WiFi signal. Any device with the GMG app may connect straight to...

Why won’t my grill start in Server Mode?

You MUST be present (at your grill) to start it for obvious safety reasons.

How do I update the firmware on WiFi grill’s controller?

I’m using a 3rd-party device to measure the temp inside my grill, and it doesn’t match the controller’s temp. Why?

Food cooks by three methods: Conduction: food heats by contact with a hot surface such as the grate on the...