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What’s the difference between Point-to-Point, WiFi, and Server Modes?

This is where the grill emits its own WiFi signal. Any device with the GMG app may connect straight to the grill. No internet connection is necessary. You must be within c. 15-23 m (50-75 ft, depending on obstructions) from the grill depending on obstructions. Basically your phone/tablet acts as a direct remote to the grill.

Wifi Mode:
Rather than the phone/tablet being connected straight to the grill, it is communicating through your home wifi network. This increases your range to anywhere within your home network.

Server Mode:
When Wifi Mode is active, you may turn on server mode. In this mode the grill is connected to GMG’s servers, thereby enabling you to stay connected to the grill while away from home. Your phone will need at least 3G coverage for this. You have full functionality as the other two modes with the exception of being able to turn on the grill for safety reasons. An adult should be near the grill anytime it is in operation.

Although GMG is continually updating firmware and app structure, there is a possibility that your home network and or other devices may need reconfiguring or updating for full Server Mode functionality. If Server Mode is not functioning, you can always use Point-to-Point or WiFi modes.

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