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Why is there a temperature difference between the left to right of my grill?

Many factors affect the left-to-right temperatures inside any grill. Prevailing winds may cool down one quadrant of the grill. Outside air temperature may require more air infusion from the combustion fan in order to maintain the set temperature. Cold food on one side or the other may produce lower temperatures in that area.

This phenomenon would happen in any brand of pellet grill, in spite of what others’ marketing departments would have you believe.

Fortunately, Green Mountain has a solution in its moveable diffuser.

in most cases, centering the underside “V” over the firebox will provide satisfactory results from side to side.
if you move the heat shield (diffuser) to the left, the temperature on the right will increase, and vice-versa.
Some people still feel more comfortable using instant readings from an instrument such as a Maverick than with the computer’s averages. If you wish to adjust your grill’s temperature to match your Maverick (or similar) move the diffuser to the left (makes the Maverick’s display’s reading hotter) or to the right (makes it cooler).” These are small changes to get it dialed in. Pushing the heat shield left a very small amount from center will direct the flame away from the thermal sensor causing it to read less heat. When it reads lower it will raise the temp of the grill overall. Making it more accurate to what the grill is reading.
Make small changes of about 5mm (1/8”) only.

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