GMG TREK PRIME™ 2.0 – Grill Cover

$89.99 NZD

Upgrade your grilling experience with the new TREK PRIME™ 2.0 Grill Cover from Green Mountain Grills.

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Engineered for superior resilience and defense, this grill cover is custom-fitted for the TREK PRIME™ 2.0.

Constructed with durable, weatherproof materials, it provides comprehensive protection against environmental elements, keeping your TREK PRIME™ 2.0 grill in top condition.

Its innovative design ensures a tight and secure fit, preserving the grill’s appearance while shielding it from moisture, harsh NZ UV rays, and debris.

Easy to put on and remove, the TREK PRIME™ 2.0 grill cover is indispensable for maintaining the durability and functionality of your Green Mountain Grill.

Note:- This TREK PRIME™ 2.0 Grill Cover is thoughtfully designed to be backwards compatible with Trek Prime and Davy Crockett grills.