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The Green Mountain Grills SideBURN™ attachment is a cutting-edge innovation for pellet grills, designed to provide your GMG Ledge or GMG Peak (both Prime and PRIME 2.0™ ranges) grill with a high-quality searing capability.

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Ready to enhance your Green Mountain Grill’s versatility? The GMG SideBURN™ effortlessly converts your side shelf into a secondary, high-heat cooking area, expanding your culinary options. Experience unparalleled searing performance with the convenience of electric power—no extra equipment needed.

This innovative searing addition to the traditional pellet grill design harnesses high-power electric infrared technology, ranging from 300W to 2300W, to deliver intense heat for the perfect sear. Featuring fine-tune adjustment controls, the GMG SideBURN™ ensures precision cooking every time.

Key Features of the GMG SideBURN™:

  • Empowers your GMG pellet grill with exceptional searing capabilities
  • Utilises high-power electric infrared technology with minutely adjustable intensity
  • Ensures rapid heating with maximised radiant heat and fast ignition
  • Seamlessly fits all GMG Ledge & Peak PRIME/PRIME™ 2.0 models for easy integration
  • Constructed with durable, safe materials including carbon fibre and quartz heating coils
  • Equipped with protective heat-resistant netting for additional safety

Note:- The GMG SideBURN™ attachment is sold separately to your LEDGE PRIME™ 2.0 or PEAK PRIME™ 2.0 grill.

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