GMG LEDGE PRIME™ 2.0 – RACKT™ System – Backboard – [BACKORDER]

$59.99 NZD

NOTE:- The GMG PRIME™ 2.0 RACKT™ System (including backboards and modules) are currently available for BACKORDER ONLY

Available on back-order


The new GMG RACKT™ Backboard for Ledge Prime™ 2.0 is essential for the wood-fired cooking power-ups available with the GMG RACKT™ system.

Featuring a customisable Rack Technology system, the GMG RACKT™ Backboard allows you to easily attach elevated racks, smoke shelves, cooking pans, and griddles for ultimate flexibility and customisation. Make every meal an event!


  • This is the RACKT™ Backboard ONLY. Different shelving and rack options sold separately.
  • The RACKT™ Backboard is required to use any other GMG RACKT™ module.
  • The RACKT™ Backboard is compatible with LEDGE PRIME™ 2.0 grill, as well as older models Ledge Prime and Daniel Boone Choice models.

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Weight 4 kg