GMG Hot Rod Igniter

$24.99$44.99 NZD

All hot rod igniters are now ceramic or Silicone Nitride***

Please choose carefully as 12 volt igniters cannot be used in  240 volt grills and vice versa.

All hot rod igniters are now either Ceramic, or the new Silicone Nitride***

***Please note that the new Silicone Nitride ignitors will require the latest firmware update for your grill to be installed, otherwise depending on the age of the firmware it might pop the ignitor on the first ignition cycle.

Additional information

Igniter Model

All DB/JB Choice 240v Models, Ledge/Peak/DB/JB 12v Silicone, Ledge/Peak/DB/JB 12v Ceramic, Trek/DC 12v