How many pellets will my grill use?

Good question! And the truthful answer is: It depends. And don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

Pellet consumption is goverened by a whole range of variables including ambient temperature, the temperature you’re cooking at, wind, elevation, how often the lid gets opened and closed, and weight of meat when placed in the GMG; and, the pellets you’re using – some woods burner hotter, other less so.

But for guidance, pellet consumption can be anywhere between

Davy Crockett: 140g – 900g per hour

Daniel Boone: 225g – 1.1kg per hour

Jim Bowie: 340g – 1.4kg per hour

If cooking regularly at colder times of year, which is when pellet consumption will be greatest, you’l find the GMG Thermal Blanket is a great investment.

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